Riggers Loft

Full parachute rigging services available

CAS offers complete gear sales. Our rigging loft has FAA licensed Senior and Master Parachute Riggers who can pack, maintain and repair all types of parachutes.

parachute repack and Rigging Rates

Repairs or alterations not covered are charged at $85.00 per hour plus parts/ materials. Minimum labor charge is $20.00 . Many repairs, alterations, and patches are difficult to estimate without seeing the project in the shop. If you should have questions please see Rodger or call 330 685-0816.

Services & Rates

Inspection main or reserve $40.00
Assemble, inspect and pack reserve and assemble main $110.00
Inspect and repack all modern skydiving reserve parachutes $95.00
Patches and harness repair $85.00 per hour
Inspect and repack pilot’s emergency rig (Para-cushion, Softies, etc.) $95.00
Replace one suspension line (canopy to link) $65.00
Replace Cascade Line $45.00
Replace lower steering lines $65.00
Replace slider (where no sewing involved) $45.00
Install automatic activation devices on your equipment $85.00 per hour
Replace Velcro (where possible) $85.00 per hour
Install or replace spandex pocket BOC (includes pocket– black only– Velcro not included) $85.00 per hour