Your Safety is Our Concern

  • THERE HAS NEVER BEEN a better time to get involved in the sport of skydiving. Skydiving Schools and Dropzones across the country are taking better care of our beginners than ever before in the history of our sport. Modern equipment, improved techniques and United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified instructors have sharply reduced most of the dangers. The “outlaw” dropzone is virtually a “thing of the past”
  • CANTON AIR SPORTS uses only certified instructors. We are proud to be a part of the United States Parachute Association. Our skydiving programs exceed USPAs basic safety requirements!

  • EQUIPMENT: Our parachutes are the biggest and best in the world. We call them squares but they’re actually rectangular in shape and manufactured especially for beginners. They’re twice as big as an average skydivers parachute so they provide nice soft landings and still they’re very maneuverable. Our reserve parachutes are also “square” and equipped with automatic activation devices (AADs). We provide everything you need to make your first jump. Training, parachutes, helmets, goggles, jumpsuits, radios (to receive instructions from the ground) and the airplane ride to altitude. ALL THAT IS MISSING IS YOU!! So come on out and experience the thrill of HUMAN FLIGHT!!