Class Times

Tandem Skydives Require only a brief training session and can be just about anytime by appointment. After two tandem skydives you can qualify for one of our progression programs "Accelerated FreeFall" (AFF) or "Instructor Assisted Deployment" (IAD)

Our AFF and IAD classes are also by appointment, just let us know when you want to start. You should plan to be here several hours. It is possible to have part of your class one day and finish it on another if you have time constraints. We will always try to fit your schedule.


While walk-ins are certainly welcome it is highly recommended that you have a reservation. Reservations require a non-refundable deposit of $30 per person and guarantee your space.


You will receive individual instruction as you practice exits, emergency procedures, canopy control and landing procedures.

Training for a fun tandem skydive is very brief.

Accelerated Free Fall and Instructor Assisted Deployment, our progression programs, offer a much more intense training class for those who wish to continue and become a licensed skydiver.

We provide training by certified USPA Skydiving Instructors for more than 2000 first time Skydivers each year. Some will go on to become skydiving instructors themselves. Most of our new skydivers come from nearby Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We also get skydivers from Akron, OH and Morgantown, WV.

Rain Check Policy

Ground training is given regardless of the weather. If conditions prevent you from skydiving, a rain check will be issued so you may return to make your skydive at a convenient time. You should call before you start this way if you're driving a great distance. If you are a skydiver or skydiver to be from West Virginia, Pennsylvania or somewhere far away, you're welcome to camp with us for free. You're welcome to stay as long as it takes to complete your desired number of skydives.

We're available for skydiving during daylight hours, seven days a week. You can often walk in and get your skydive, but it's certainly wise to have a reservation to make sure that we can accomodate you.