Accelerated Freefall – Category A



License Progression Program (AFF)

Minimum age 18 – Maximum weight 220 – Weight must be reasonably proportional

Accelerated Freefall is a program that includes eight categories designed to turn you into a safe and competent skydiver in a short amount of time. After successfully completing two Tandem Skydives you will qualify for Category “A” of our Accelerated Freefall License Progression Program. After a six hour training class you will exit the aircraft with two parachutes (main and reserve) on your back and two instructors who will stay with you in freefall until you deploy the parachute. Categories “B” and “C” may be with one or two instructors depending on your performance. Your instructors will coach you in freefall, as well as on the ground, before and after your skydive. Subsequent training categories are designed to add to your skills and self-confidence. After completion of category “H” you will qualify for solo skydives.

You will possess aerial skills that would have taken dozens, sometimes hundreds of skydives to learn via the older static line method! Your category “A” skydive will include a six hour training class and a ground instructor will talk to you by radio to assist you as you steer your parachute to the target landing area. The radio will also be used on Categories “B” and “C” and as long as you may need. Twenty five jumps are required for a basic license. After obtaining a license your jump cost will be reduced because you will no longer need an instructor in the airplane with you. If you continue in the sport, you may eventually become an instructor yourself. Most of our professional instructors made their very first skydives at Canton Air Sports

Category A


  • Includes six hours of Ground Instruction
  • One skydive with two instructors
  • Minimum age is 18 – Maximum weight is 220
  • This is the first skydive in our License Progression Program.